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Unique Framing Solutions

SEG Warehouse has provided custom, high-end framing solutions for some of the biggest companies in business. Our aluminum profile extrusions can be customized to fit any situation you might find yourself in while our fabric prints make your company image pop.

With a never ending list of possibilities, your company has the power to create outstanding brand identity using our unique products for visually stunning pieces.




SEG Warehouse profiles are engineered to help no matter the circumstance. Whether you need a profile that will support light strips, a profile that you need to retro fit to an existing structure or just a freestanding frame, SEG Warehouse has the perfect solution.


Our specialized profiles & accessories are built to compliment and reinforce the overall stability and structure of your frame. Before shipment, each frame is tested to ensure proper stability and construction, leave no doubt that your frame was built using the highest of standards.


When properly built and stored, our perfectly engineered design allows the frame to withstand wear and tear for an extended period of time, without compromising structural integrity or aesthetics. 100% Made in the USA.


Our in-house designed and patented aluminum extrusions are used by hundreds of graphic companies to produce fully custom SEG graphic structures worldwide.

SEG Warehouse profiles can be assembled in just a few steps and are available in a range of preset or custom designs. The sturdy frame is assembled using a simple connector system and some profiles have the option of high powered LED lighting.

Hardware & Accessories

Our specialized compression hardware was developed with convenience in mind. Using hex drive set screws to create compression, and ensuring maximum stability. All profiles have a list of compatible accessories leaving you with endless configurations and applications. 

Whether your project is large or small, we have the right accessories to build your frame to perfection and your aesthetic.

Custom accessories such as monitor mounts or laser cut bases are available upon request.


For every problem that comes your way, we have a solution. Whether you are in retail, tradeshows, or looking for personal decor, we have the perfect display solution to fit your needs.

Popular Applications

Tradeshow Booth

Structural Walls

Store Design

Wall Mounted Lightbox

Suspended Sign

Window Display


Need Custom?

Sometimes framing projects need that special “something” that does not exist. We have engineers that will custom design any SEG Profile to commercial building standards and regulations. Talk to our sales rep for more information.


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