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The Future of Printing

Fabric graphics or SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) printing has become the industry standard for high quality print and effective advertising. SEG graphics have amazing color fidelity, are durable and foldable for shipping, plus are far more environmentally friendly than other comparable graphics. Our fabric allows colors to fully saturate and blend into the fibers, creating vibrant and crisp images that can only be obtained using this process.

Best of all, SEG fabric graphics look and feel richer than traditional materials. Fabrics give that “warm” feel that makes the viewer feel more at home. Choose SEG fabric graphics for the best possible look and feel while also tipping your hat to the environment.


What is SEG? Simply put, silicone or rubber gaskets are sewn to the outside edges of Dye-Sublimated fabric graphics for fitting and installing into aluminum frame channels.

Our aluminum frames are fabricated to your liking and then the silicone strip on the fabric is inserted into a small groove on the face of the frame. The result? A frameless graphic display with perfect, taut and wall-like tension.

Non-lit Fabrics

Non-lit or Opaque fabrics were designed to prevent light and shadows from appearing behind your print, leaving the viewer with nothing but a naturally crisp, clean image. This effect makes our non-lit fabrics the perfect material for suspended signage, window displays, structural walls and crowd control.

Backlit Fabrics

Backlit fabric is the perfect solution to lighten the room and bring attention to your print. Fabric has become a formidable alternative to traditional printed Duratrans due to its light diffusion properties. The synthetic fibers create for a perfectly vibrant and rich color display only possible with back lit fabric.

Combine this fabric with our HD LED perimeter lighting and transformers, and you’re left with a beautifully lit display!

Introducing EcoTX


EcoTX fabric is made exclusively from recycled plastics. Most recycled fabrics are plagued by yellow hues from the recycling process, however our exclusive eco blend allows for a bright white point so you see your graphics, not the yellow fabric they are printed on.

We developed and produced EnviroBead from a blend of recycled beading that not only can be recycled after use, but is completely biodegradable. LEARN MORE

Tension Structures

Tension structures are perfect for any trade show or in house display. Our Power Stretch fabric is design to easily fit any structural design while providing a crisp, clean fabric print. Combine that with out ability to custom build frames, and you will be sure to impress any potential client! Our CAD team will work with you for the perfect result.

Have an existing hanging structure?

Pillowcase Reskin allows exhibit companies to turn their existing framing inventory into new last minute opportunities or projects. We can either pick up your structure (local only) or you can ship it directly to SEG Warehouse. We will quickly “ReSkin” it in the shortest amount of time possible


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