Have you ever wanted to build your own light boxes and fabric graphic frames?

SEG Warehouse has the perfection solution with our NEW Do-It-Yourself Frames!

Customers have been relying on SEG Warehouse to provide the highest quality finished frames. We make it easy to install, and even easier to break down. The frames are portable and lightweight. When combined with flexible silicone edge graphics, the result ends in a completely frameless display for an upscale visual appeal. DIY Frames are no different.

We wanted to provide our customers the ability to experience SEG in a new and simpler way. Bringing customization to a new level. Enjoy the best of both worlds by combining the quality of our framing profiles with your own expertise.

When you order any of our DIY Frame Kits, you can select from backlit, non-lit and cube options, followed by the frame thickness and other finishing options. We will then cut the materials to size, and package your “kit” together with detailed instructions for assembly.


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Choose your ready-to-be-assembled frame kit including everything you need to get started..
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We will help your business become fabric and frame experts with tips, tutorials, and marketing materials.
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We will connect you with a DIY Frames provider near you for even easier ordering and convenience.

Not ready to embark on the DIY journey?

SEG Warehouse Finished Frames are your next best bet! Outsourcing with us for any display will ensure you will get the best result. We will work with you directly to customize any structure you may need.


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